I guess, I’m one of the fortunate ones that had the chance in life to create a lifestyle tech business around their genuine passion. 



My name is Max and I am the founder of ElectroMonster. Together with my like-minded team we live, dream, and breathe highly advanced electrical scooters, as the only proper way to move fast and safe through today’s urban chaos, while still maintaining one of our core values, being environmentally conscious... and enjoying life.

The years spent in a professional environment that deeply believes in electrical scooters as today’s prime choice of young commuters, and proudly standing behind the concept of stylish yet highly affordable urban transportation, while saving the planet, we carefully made the selection of scooters to showcase on our website, and offer to our costumers. 


Not every scooter is an ElectroMonster scooter. By partnering up with two of our favorite high-end producers, we succeeded in our common goal to present completely the new world of possibilities by offering innovative cutting-edge electrical scooters, that perfectly deliver in every aspect, from practicality and lowest carbon footprint, to a sleek, modern design, that fits in everybody’s lifestyle and brings a smile on your face.


At ElectroMonster.co.uk we aspire to create the best experience for our customers by pairing them with the ideal electrical scooter that will flawlessly fit in their everyday life.


Order now or contact us if you have any questions.


We are excited to meet another one of us! :)