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Electric scooter - 5 reasons why it's so popular

The electric scooters as a mean of transport, but also fun, is becoming more and more popular day by day. Why this is true read the following 5 reasons and try not to be convinced why you should not buy one tomorrow.

electric scooter

1.The electric scooter offers you enjoyable short trips- get anywhere, anytime and faster.

Studies show that about 60% of the trips people are doing when going out in their daily lives are for short distances, journeys for about 5 minutes to 20 minutes (Source: Barclays Research, US National Household Travel Survey). Instead of walking, a tool such as the electric scooter is the perfect way of reaching the target of the daily trip.

Unless you are lucky enough to live right outside your work, school, store, the nearest bus stop, subway, or train station, then you will usually have a little way to travel. So, people choose the electric scooter since it is the easiest and the best way to travel from door to door, point to point. Even if you are using public transport, it can easily be stored on the train or on the bus and after being used again. Because imagine having an important meeting and you are running late? The electric scooter can save you that 5 minutes and get you right on time.

2.Electric scooters are environmentally friendly.

As the climate change crisis is becoming more evident, people are becoming more aware of it, seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and make their everyday habits sustainable.

It is a fact that nowadays, it is in if you want to individually contribute to save our earth. And guess what, you can do it by using an electric scooter as well.

Here you can read why and how the electric scooters are an environmentally friendly option. 

3.The electric scooter is fixing the transport system. 

Following the reason of the electric scooter being an environmentally friendly, here comes the connection of it to the transport system. Within the big cities, traffic congestion becomes huge issue and people are conscious about it. As cars have so far claimed the streets and public spaces of our cities the question about what the city streets are all about is popping up and people are taking the things in their hands. Owning an electric scooter is part of it.

So, again, the electric scooters are beginning to gain a momentum and starting to revolutionize the urban city transport. Plus, they come with folding frames and not taking huge spaces for parking.

 4.Electric scooters are futuristic, and people are loving that vibe!           

Have you ever imaged how the world will look like in 2021 or later? Yeah, people riding the streets in cool vehicles. Can you re-imagine how currently it is? Right? The electric scooters are part of fulfilling that dream. They offer easy and fast way to be present on the streets. No noise at all, just perfect speed and people getting from point to point. Also, while riding an electric scooter today, the feeling of the nostalgia for our childhood days hits and suddenly makes you love it even more.

The electric scooters make grown-ups feel like kids again, and they make kids feel like they are part of the “in” world. 

5.The electric scooter is a budget friendly option. 

Buying and owning an electric scooter has an incentive plus in terms of costs savings. The price range of the electric scooter is big and fits every pocket, at the same time being convenient and with no extra charges once you buy it. There is no license requirements and it comes with no parking costs as well. Also, who wants to worry about maintenance, insurance, or regular oil changes? With the electric scooter there is no maintenance cost and it is built to be durable and long-lasting. All you have to remember is to give it the charge when it needs before you ride. No more money savings for gas here!

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