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Inokim OXO

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es your ride extremely smooth, it also allows you to avoid bashing your board when driving off-road. Now, no matter which setting you are using, the suspension is very soft for a scooter. It almost feels as if you were floating. Combine that with nice big sturdy handlebars and large 10 inch wheels, and you get a scooter that is very comfortable to drive. To change the position of the suspension, you need to disassemble is and change the rubber bushing on both wheels. This took me about 3 minutes. All of the required tools, as well as the bushings, come with the scooter. One of the first things I have noticed is that the OX is very quiet, even for a scooter. Compared to most other models I have, the OX is probably the most silent one. It might look like a small thing but at the same time it makes the scooter feel like a premium vehicle. When it comes to portability, the scooter can be snapped in few moves. The catch is – you don’t want to carry it anywhere far. The most you can do with it is to fold it and put it in the boot of your car. The scooter is heavy and big, which makes it hard to carry over long distances. If youare looking for a scooter that you have carry with you in the metro or bus then the Light 2 might be a better choice.

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