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Are Electric Scooters Easy to Ride?

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How to Ride an Electric Scooter

Riding electric scooters is not a difficult task. Most people find it easier than riding scooter and if you have practiced riding a bicycle before then it is no task for you. You can get used to riding it very soon and can commute to the places you want without any fear. You should however, be careful about your safety before riding them on roads. There are some tips that can help you have an insight on being a pro in riding electric scooter. Let's have a look at some of them. 

Never forget your safety gears

Before going on a road trip with your electric scooter, make sure you have your safety gears with you. Helmets should always be there for your safe rides regardless of the length of your trip and the speed at which you are going to riding scooter. But if your trip is going to be longer than usual with fast speed travelling, a helmet is not enough. You must wear safety gloves, knee pads (if you are wearing shorts), or denim jeans. Your shoes should also have a strong grip for safe travel. 

Learn before giving it a go

You should go through the manual for controlling the electric scooters. Applying brakes, taking a turn, horn, switching on head and backlights and turning them off should be practiced before travelling on public roads. This not only saves you from mishaps but it protects others around you too. Try riding your electric scooter on private land first, just to make sure you have a grip on it. Learn how to park and balance the steering, it is quite easy and won't take more than a week to learn riding electric scooter.

Check if the safety features work properly

Before taking your electric scooter on the road , check if the side locks, brakes, folding stems and handlebars to change gears work properly. Make sure you ride it for a short distance to check how fine these safety features work? How firm is the grip of tyres? How much are the brakes adjusted? How much battery do you need to reach your destination and if you have your electric scooter charged to that point? 

Don’t put both your feet right after starting your electric scooter

Right after you start your electric scooter, try putting one foot on the road/ ground and push it forward. The motor needs its time and should be ridden for at least half a kilometer before it functions fully with both your feet on it. Also, don’t forget to remove and pick up the scooter stand before riding. Another trick is to place your dominant foot on the ground, so if you face any unbalancing mishap, you can control it and avoid tripping. 

Gradually increase your speed while riding

After making sure you have the balance needed and a grip on the handles, start riding but do not take off at a fast speed because you can trip and fall and hurt yourself. You can also lose balance if any other vehicle overtakes you. Try increasing the speed gradually and smoothly. Try keeping the speed less than 7 kmph. In this way, you can apply the brakes easily when needed and can also dodge speed breakers and potholes in the ground. Try putting more weight on the back foot while applying brakes so that inertia, when disturbed cannot harm you. 

Just practice and go enjoy your rides. You can also get practicing and safety gears on “Electromonster” because no matter what, safety comes first and only reputable suppliers can assist you with that. 

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