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OUR ELECTRIC SCOOTER BLOG Below you can find a list of articles dedicated to the scooter industry, choose one you like or search by topic

  • Article No#1

    OX: Comfort

    As a rule of thumb, off-road scooters not only come with more powerful motors, they also feature better suspension. The Inokim OX is no exception. The OX features adjustable suspension – you can...

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  • Article No#2

    OX: Range

    In Eco mode, expect this scooter to have maximum range of 100 km (62 mi). From my personal experience, that’s what I usually get. I haven’t depleted the battery in one single ride yet but acc...

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  • Article No#3

    Kaabo Wolf Warrior

    Sed eget sem pretium, consequat ante sit amet, accumsan nunc. Vestibulum adipiscing dapibus tortor, eget lacinia neque dapibus auctor. Integer a dui in tellus dignissim...

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